The projects

Chefs joining Chefs for Change will each become an ambassador for a high-impact agricultural development project. The movement will follow the journeys of the chefs as they travel out of the kitchen and onto farms participating in the projects in countries including Ethiopia, Tanzania, Peru, Honduras, India, Zambia and Benin. In the coming months, each of the chefs will visit their projects and share the stories of the farmers they meet.  

Protecting Futures

Conservation can be profitable. In Ethiopia's Bale Eco-Region, Farm Africa is helping farmers to secure bigger profits, while also protecting unique ecosystems and natural resources for generations to come.
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Cutting food waste and boosting trade

Cutting food waste right at the start of the supply chain, and helping farmers access new markets so that they can earn more from their agricultural efforts.
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Growing Futures

Helping young Kenyan farmers develop the agricultural, financial and trading skills necessary to build profitable farming enterprises.
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